Company Profile

Visual Comfort was founded in 2006 by a team of experts in the field of Illumination Engineering as a Lighting Design & Consulting Company with an intention to propogate and spread scientific lighting design concepts and principles in the Architectural & Electrical Engineering domains.

The Company has a strong & profound foundation of international lighting design expertise and aims at introducing state of the art customized solutions around the world class designer lighting products available.

Electrical Engineering design for Buildings and their landscape surroundings are increasingly becoming automated and building automation solutions networked on a single bus give ease, comfort and safe control of domestic and commercial appliances in the built environment. Our company engineers expertise in the design of such automation solutions to upgrade the standard of living in the local vicinity.

We provide scientific computerised lighting design schemes and provide innovative and intelligent solutions for switching and control of these lighting schemes based on hitherto unheard of convenience and ease. Our company experts design solutions using Lighting Automation & Control techniques coupled with Daylighting & Artificial light integration along with usage of state of the products like LEDs and Solar to reduce energy consumption and conserve electrical energy.

Our objectives revolve around Lighting Design,New Product Development, Product Testing , Developing Software Applications related to Illumination Engineering, Propogating scientific lighting through education and develop Energy Conservation techniques for the society.