Design Profile

The Principal Lighting Designer of VISUAL COMFORT has worked on implementation of scientific lighting schemes for 14 years for

  1. Achieving optimum designs,
  2. Energy efficient lighting,
  3. Innovative lighting designs,
  4. To incorporate the control element in lighting designs,
  5. To achieve technically superior lighting Controls,
  6. To bring the modern architectural blend to lighting concepts for aesthetically enhanced illumination.

The Lighting Designer has a Fourteen plus years experience in the Lighting Industry and worked at middle and senior levels in Top Indian Lighting companies. The designer was involved in implementation of several very large lighting projects for several years. These years of experience also come with hands off lighting design expertise for several projects as listed in several schemes for Indoor Office Lighting,Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Retail Lighting and Outdoor Flood Lighting.

As a designer he was also involved in several lighting audits for industries, commercial buildings to revamp the entire plant lighting etc. for enhanced productivity and enormous cost savings. The expertise also includes implementation of several lighting schemes involving innovative applications, new product implementations, energy saving lighting schemes, innovative lighting controls etc.

Technology & Designs:

The Lighting Designer has expertise in using the state of the art softwares available for designing innovative lighting design schemes using DIALUX, RELUX and manufacturer specific softwares.


The technology recommendations are purely out of technical design to suit the interior or exterior applications. Therefore several possible precise options are always made available to suit the design environment.

Product decisions are on several occasions based on product aesthetics & design, color, dimensions, shape, matching with interiors etc. However the conceptual design is the fundamental requirement, which is based on applications.

Applications for every walk of life, are differently worked out. Lighting design requirements are based on varied situations from basic classifications like Hospital Lighting, Auditorium Lighting, Industrial Plant Lighting, Hi-tech Office lighting, General office Lighting etc… to specific areas within the premises and also fit with appropriate architecture and interior design.


We have been continuously updating lighting knowledge base and product innovations for the past 14 years by regularly participating in International lighting forums like. Prakash 99, Light India International 2008, Light + Building 2008, Light fair International 2007.

We have attended several factory visits to understand the intricacies of lighting product manufactured. The way reflectors are made, lamps are manufactured, LEDs are produced, Luminaires are manufactured,Attended innumerable symposiums, forums, workshops, knowledge sharing Seminars,organised seminars and related activities.

The Principal Lighting designers also have teaching expertise in the field of Illumination to the Architecture and Energy Management students of Architecture and Energy Management disciplines in Universities. The expertise for several years in the field of lighting covers the following areas of activity.

  1. Light Planning & Execution for several projects in Indoor Commercial Offices, Retail Shops, Auditoriums, IT & software offices, Banks, Colleges, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels and Residences.
  2. Designed several Indoor and Outdoor Lighting schemes for various projects viz., Buildings, Street lighting, Open Area Lighting, Sports Lighting both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Executed several lighting installations with right Lighting product recommendations for various projects.
  4. Conducted several lighting courses for various architecture and energy management students.
  5. Executed projects involving Lighting Controls and LEDs in Restaurants and Pubs.
  6. We have special interest & Focus in Lighting Automation and Controls and state of the illumination like LEDs and Fibre Optics.
  7. We have undertaken complete illumination design of project involving electrical controls and illumination design for the entire project.
  8. Architectural lighting design,Day lighting design are additional areas of interest and expertise.
  9. We also have a special interest in Daylight applications and integration of daylight and Artificial lighting.