Terms and Conditions :

>  ALP Indicates Authorised List Prices. Prices lower than these may be charged. Taxes and local levies as applicable will be extra and shall vary as applicable in the states.

>  MRP is the Maximum Retail Price. Product can not be sold above the MRP prices mentioned.

>  Prices are inclusive of customs and excise duty at the prevailing rates. Any statutory variation will be suitably communicated from time to time.

>  The products in this price list are subject to the discounts as per the prevailing Marketing policy from time to time. Please contact the nearest sales office for more details.

>  All fixtures shall be supplied as per approved specifications.

>  Prices are inclusive of Luminaire housing with LED Chip, LED Driver and reflectors & Lenses, if any., and for complete light fixture ready for illumination.

>  Technical data specification sheets shall be provided where ever necessary and requested for in written format.

>  For Compliance with Testing requirements and certification for product, please contact local branch office.

>  Form factors like Size, Dimension, Color and Shape may be subject to change for the same models and product category at the sole descretion of manufacturer.